Who, what & why

About us

Working alongside your retained employment lawyers we use our legal expertise to provide an open, clear and efficient investigation service, enabling good quality decision making.

Our independent investigators work in strict accordance with your internal policies, procedures and ways of doing business. Our investigations service includes but isn’t limited to; bullying, discrimination, misconduct, grievances, dignity at work and organisational change management processes.

Trading since 2005, we have worked with public sector organisations such as Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust. As a result of our work in the public sector we are listed in the Kaltz Directory as a preferred supplier of the NHS.

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We’re impartial & focused.

In our experience outcomes are respected, even by those who disagree with the ultimate outcome, due to our high-quality approach. We improve on existing timescales, as compared to both internal investigations and other external suppliers.

We’re cost effective.

Our investigators are skilled at the efficient handling of even the most complex issues, which reduces time taken, cost and prevents procedural delays.

We’re confident in our findings.

Using our legal experience and evidence-based approach, we tackle complex issues ‘head on’ providing a clear way forward. Our investigations have been respected by Employment Judges as a sound basis for decision making.

What do our clients have to say about us?


Vista’s investigations cut through the issues and enabled informed, clear decisions. The confident handling of witnesses drew out a complete, relevant history.

Graham White
Former HR Director Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust


The investigation was extremely thorough… all conclusions are supported by the evidence that was obtained… In my judgment it was an extremely thorough investigation and clearly fell within the band of reasonable investigations…”

Employment Judge Cadney
Cardiff Employment Tribunal.


The reports were substantial, and the investigation was independent and skilful.

Employment Judge Whitcombe
Cardiff Employment Tribunal.